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Whilst we all have the intention of maintaining our vehicles to a high standard the reality is life can get in the way making it harder to keep on top of keeping your car in top order. At Knowl Hill Performance & Luxury we have a team of detailers that offer a range of services designed to meet the needs of our discerning clients. Please contact us to enquire about our services as each vehicle will be different. We can provide a simple detail to wet sanding and paint correction

  • Full Detail In & Out £150 + VAT (One day booking)
  • Protection Detail £320 + VAT  (One day booking)
  • Enhancement Detail £640 + VAT (Two day booking)
  • Paint Correction Detail £820 + VAT (Two to three day booking)

We also offer a KH Pro service with includes full detailing, paint correction and removal of dents and dings followed by a protection detail. This service is priced upon appraising a car and can not be offered before viewing the vehicle. Please contact us for more information. (Up to 5 days booking)

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